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Thread: Z-Push 1.5.2 beta1 released

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    Z-Push 1.5.2 beta1 released


    today we have released the beta1 of Z-Push version 1.5.2.

    This is maintenance release for Z-Push 1.5. This version is recommended for all users which use the calendar on the mobiles, as it contains two fixes regarding missing reminders and occurences of recurring calendar items. All changes have low impact. Upgrading to this beta is recommended if you experience one of these issues.

    Please note, that this version introduces a new configuration parameter "SYNC_FILTERTIME_MAX". It only needs to be added to your existing configuration if you want to use the global limit feature.

    Changes since 1.5.1:
    - added: limit period of items which are synched to mobile on the server (Mantis #351)
    - fixed: Android 2.2 generates two device entries in Mobile Device Management (Mantis #369)
    - fixed: warning when using old config file without SYNC_CONFLICT_DEFAULT (Manit #331)

    - fixed: reminders for appointments created on a mobile don't work in Webaccess and Outlook (Mantis #367)
    - fixed: ICS exporter is always queried with restriction, even if SYNC_FILTERTYPE_ALL is set (Mantis #368)
    - fixed: recurring Appointments with enddate: last ocurrence is not displayed on mobile (Mantis #350)

    IMAP backend
    - added: default imap folders for cyrus (Mantis #312)
    - fixed: sending emails with iphone with cyrilics in it leads to garbage (Mantis #194)

    The version is available at:

    Your feedback is highly appreciated.

    Kind regards,
    Z-Push dev team
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    Re: Z-Push 1.5.2 beta1 released

    Hi all,

    I would like to receive some feedback on this version.
    A couple of "works great" will already help! ;-)


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    Re: Z-Push 1.5.2 beta1 released

    Works great, especially the fix for reminders is a great help.


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