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Thread: Outlook escaping some chars

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    Outlook escaping some chars

    Can't remember to have seen this before Beta 3, but now Outlook seems to put in escape sequences for some characters.

    If I write (in the body):
    I'd want to...

    It is changed to:
    I&'d want to...

    Any idea why this is done? (single quote ' changed to &' )
    Outlook 2003, Zarafa 7 Beta 3, charset used by Outlook is 8859.

    The webaccess still sends this as it should.
    The problem is only for the email body. Subject is sent without escape sequences.

    With encoding windows-1252 the body is not modified, but then the header is double escaped (us-ascii + windows-1252) which is not supported by outlook. Why is Zarafa adding us-ascii? -I've asked for this in a different thread.

    With encoding iso8859 the issue is as mentioned above, but now the header is only encoded once (which I want) for each parameter (From:, To: and Subject. The exact encoding is iso-8859-1

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    Re: Outlook escaping some chars

    Hello Spiff72,

    I was able to reproduce you issue. I will check if someone can answer you question about the encoding.


    You can find the ticket here:
    Zarafa IRC chat: > #zarafa
    Zarafa documentation:
    Zarafa Community webpage:

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