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Thread: Out of office and catchall

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    Out of office and catchall

    Hi there,
    i have a running zarafa installation (6.40.4-24200) with postfix on debian lenny.
    We have defined a catchallaccount in postfix. Every unknown mail wil be delivered
    to this account, eg . Thats already working.
    Now we want an out of office reply for this account to answer mails which arive this
    account. This is only working if the mail is send to .
    We dont get an oor when a mail is send to which will also
    be delivered to this account.
    Any ideas how we can do this?


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    Re: Out of office and catchall

    No one?

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    Re: Out of office and catchall

    Hi Socci79,
    I would suggest to make an temporary active Zarafa account of the catch-all address. Then you log in as this user. Then create a rule in this mailbox to send an standard answer on any incoming mail. Log out and turn off the active state of catch-all.
    Hope this works.

    Note: I would only do this if you have have a firm spamfilter and recieve hardly any spam. Otherwise answering to spam would create loads of new spam sent to you.

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