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Thread: Iphone Contact no update of Anniversary to calendar

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    Iphone Contact no update of Anniversary to calendar

    I have the problem that Zarafa does not update/propagate the anniversary of a contact towards the calendar.

    Zarafa Version:6.40.2-22452 ond CentOs 4
    Z-Push: 1.50
    Iphone OS:4.2.1

    Steps to reproduce:
    1) In the Iphone Create Contact (XYZ) with following Anniversary Date: 26 August 2006
    2) Open Webaccess - open Contact XYZ - Anniversary Date of 26.August 2006 is set
    3) Go to 26.August in Calendar= no anniversary Date set

    1) Open Contact ABC( has Partner Field filled out) Webaccess view in Iphone and change anniversary date from 26.August 2006 to 20.January 2011
    2) Open Calendar 20.January 2011 = empty, 26.August still annivery date

    Best regards Marco

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    Re: Iphone Contact no update of Anniversary to calendar

    Hi Marco,

    anniversaries and birthdays aren't currently linked to contacts in Z-Push (it means that they won't be created in the calendar).

    Greets, Manfred
    Please do not PM me asking for support. Use the forum instead. Thank you.
    I usually check the mobility thread at the end of the day, so please have some patience if there's no immediate response. Asking to look at certain thread per PM won't result in a faster answer.

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