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Thread: Logging in Outlook 2003 Online Mode

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    Logging in Outlook 2003 Online Mode

    Hey folks,

    I'm having the well known 0x80070057 error message in outlook 2003. Obviously Outlook retries to either send a read receipt or it attempts to resend the last (successfully sent & retrieved) mail.

    Is there any way to get further information about what Outlook is really trying to do? Since the profile is running in online mode, a server log is out of the question. Is there anything similar for online mode?

    Regards, Jens

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    Re: Logging in Outlook 2003 Online Mode


    I've joined in the club also.
    The here in the forum given solution of creating a clean profile is rather no alternative - my Outlook profile contains about 30 pop3 and imap accounts besides the zarafa connector, and also the avast and cloudmark plugins.
    The message started after I had to correct some of the ~35 distribution rules from "if message received through account xyz" to "if message was sent to ", because the "account xyz" were transferred into the zarafa and thus not available anymore.
    Since the message was not directly from the start, after putting the zarafa connctor on top of these existing pop3 and imap accounts, I would dare say it is connected to the rules modification.
    But it might of course be possible that there is some receipt to be sent, which I cannot identify.

    As I cannot see any dysfunction (all mails come in, and all my sending tests did succeed), it is for me personally just an inconvenience, but I'd rather be prepared if this topic should come up with one of my customers. So I want to join in onto the question of logging details.

    By the way, it did survive the upgrade from 6.40.5(free) to 6.40.7(free).


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