Dear Zarafa users,

We are pleased to announce the beta 3 release of ZCP 7.0.

We implemented I/O related database changes. This to improve scalability for more concurrent users. This is a major database changes and that is why a database upgrade is needed.
We also added a upgrade path (beta version please read the Upgrade notice). Also merged about 30 issues that we reported by the beta testers of 7.0 beta 2.
Do take not that the database can grow up to twice the size.

[Upgrade Notice]
This version includes a peminary beta upgrade path for upgrades from 6.x to 7.x (only clean database upgrades from 6.40.6 and 7.0 b2 are tested!)
The upgrade will not be done automatically for 6.40.X. You will need to start the server with the --force-database-upgrade option.
Servers that already run 7.0 beta 2 will automaticaly be upgraded. **Make sure you do a back-up before upgrading.**
We did not want to hold back this upgrade option as it was just finished on the deadline of this release. We will complete the upgrade path for the final release in the beta 4.
Please report all issues on this upgrade in the beta section on the forum.

It can be found on our download page:

Known issues:
#7202 Purge softdelete still fails at some customers after 6.40.5 update
#7203 Rules with uni-code created in webacces break when editing them in outlook

All feedback here on the forum is appreciated very much.

Zarafa QA