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Thread: Rules Exchange vs Zarafa

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    Rules Exchange vs Zarafa


    When logon into the webaccess you can choose "rules" to handle certain incoming mail messages.

    Comparing the set of options to those I can choose in outlook it occurs to me that there is a huge difference in amount of options.

    Maybe obvious when looking to on of the arguments to choose Zarafa:

    "... Exchange has too much features almost nobody uses but still need to be payed for and managed..."

    But ofcourse people are getting smarter and companies are changing, my point: everybody is using mail and eventually average people need additional features.

    Could somebody post of point out the difference between Zarafa and Exchange (particularly the outlook features), please?

    Does somebody knows if this will be supported in newer Zarafa versions or commercial versions?

    I am wondering this because certain (complex) rules configured by myself are not working for unknown or not logical reasons when using Zarafa instead of Exchange.

    Could somebody support this observation and help me?


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    Re: Rules Exchange vs Zarafa

    So to be more specific, some examples of rules that are failing:

    - Copy AND move action.
    - Notifier for incoming mail Public map.
    - The rule: "except when the message is explicitly send to me".
    - Some combinations with or without priority.

    Somebody knows how to implement those myself?

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    Re: Rules Exchange vs Zarafa

    I almost checked all Rule combinations by our webaccess (6.30.9-18385)

    Filtering on subject seems to work fine.

    It occurs to me that when the box is called: [email protected] this is the only address that is taken by the checkbox "is only send to me". But not the connected aliases like [email protected]
    Far enough Zarafa server and MTA are separate applications.

    But then when I check the radiobutton move to it works fine,
    but the option "copy to location" is also appearing in a move action.
    I was expecting that this was kept in my inbox and copy to the configured location...

    Is it just us or is this a bug? Please explain.

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    Re: Rules Exchange vs Zarafa

    Hello Rapgame,

    The copy to folder should do a copy. I could not find any known issues. Can you post a screen shot of the rule settings?

    Zarafa IRC chat: > #zarafa
    Zarafa documentation:
    Zarafa Community webpage:

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    Re: Rules Exchange vs Zarafa

    Hi Robin,

    After a second test it works for me too.

    My apologize, I still not know what went wrong, maybe an invisible space in the other fields.

    Together with the fact that you can not enter aliases it is maybe a good practise to start with clean forms and use the address book icon.


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    Re: Rules Exchange vs Zarafa

    I had problems with rules in 6.40.5 these seems to be fixed in the .6

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