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Thread: Several questions about calendaring

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    Several questions about calendaring

    Using Zarafa 6.40.5 Standard Edition I have several questions regarding the calendar services. We mainly use Outlook 2007, Zarafa Webaccess, Apple iCal and Zarafa Lightning.

    First, when creating a separate calendar folder, e.g. for private entries, free/busy information is not being published to the public folder. It works well using the users primary calendar but not with calendars created by the users themselves.
    However, some users prefer using separated calendars for business and private entries. Is there any chance on getting this to work?

    Second, we have several users working at our customers whole day and using their infrastructure. Normally they create a mail rule in our Zarafa system to forward all their mail directly to the customers mailsystem (Outlook/Exchange). They don't use our internal Zarafa structure at all but the infrastrucure provided by the customer.
    If these users respond to an invitation they are displayed as (new) optional attendees because Zarafa (certainly) cannot know that these users are the same than the ones with our internal accounts. So, is there any way to do any mapping, assignment or anyhing else so that when the organizer takes a look at the meeting status it is obvious who has accepted, declines or who has not answered at all? Currently it looks very confusing especially when many people have been invited because with every external answer we get a new "duplicate" and additionally there does not seem to be a way to sort the meeting status by the type of answer (Outlook, ZWA).
    So we can see, from 32 invitations 21 have accepted, 3 have declined, 8 have not answered at all. Here another question. Is there a way to quickly find out who has not answered at all? In this case we would like to send a follow up, but only to those people, who have not answered at all. We cannot find such kind of function in Outlook nor Zarafa Webaccess. Any chance or idea to accomplish this?

    Many thanks in advance!

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    Re: Several questions about calendaring

    Hello Flux,

    You cannot publish multiple free/busy states for one user. I can check if a merge is possible but unlikely to be implemented soon or at all.

    For the users to respond with there own address. You can check if you add send as privileges at the customers server (if its Zarafa you can create a contact with the correct email address and add the send as privileges.)

    An easy way to check for the attendees that have not responded yet is to open the meeting request. There is no feature to resend the invitation to the unresponsive attendees yet but I will check if that is a nice option to have.

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