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Thread: 6.40 Adminstrator Manual instructions 5.4.3 RHEL 5.x

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    6.40 Adminstrator Manual instructions 5.4.3 RHEL 5.x

    Not sure this is the appropriate subforum, since it is not a code patch, but a documentation patch.

    Section 5.4.3 of the ZCP Admin manual does not work on a stock CentOS 5.5 system (both 64 and 32 bit). See

    Specifically the /etc/postfix/ suggested line:

    fails silently with no error message or log entry in either the postfix or zarafa side under default log levels.

    This is probably a postfix issue, but the zarafa documentation should be updated or noted. I do not know if it is a RedHat/CentOS only issue or if it is more general.

    The line which works is

    I did not discover this myself, but after fighting it for a few hours found for others that have had the same issue.

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    Re: 6.40 Adminstrator Manual instructions 5.4.3 RHEL 5.x

    Thanks for the feedback. I have noticed this also earlier.
    I will update the documentation.


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