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Thread: [Solved] 6.40.5: free/busy not working

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    [Solved] 6.40.5: free/busy not working


    sorry, maybe I've overseen something in the documentation.

    I've installed several times Zarafa from scratch and can't see free/busy times for other and(!) my user.

    I searched the forums too, but don't find an answer. I followed the recommendations and insert first time a calendar entry on both accounts (other and me). Also I read that I must set permissions. Am I right to set the permission at the calendar folder or do I need to configure something in the shell? I've ldap running for user database.

    Thank you, best regards!


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    Re: 6.40.5: free/busy not working

    Hello SH,

    For the free busy information you do not need to set rights. You do need the public folders.
    Also the needs to be a appointment in the calendar to create free busy info from.

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    Re: 6.40.5: free/busy not working

    YES!! This was the reason. Thanks a lot!

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