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Thread: [Solved] Somtimes Mails are lost

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    [Solved] Somtimes Mails are lost


    we have a little Problem on our hosted System. For right now we are running 6.30.14-20002 multi-server setup with ldap plugin. Everything seemed to work smooth but some days ago, a customer told us, that he is missing some incoming mails. We checked the logfile of postfix - the mail was delivered via zarafa service - but we cant see it in his postbox (not even in webaccess).

    Today - same problem:
    Is there any known bug in zarafa 6.30.14 ? Is there any way to debug that ? Thanks !


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    Re: Somtimes Mails are lost

    It seems, that Outlook 2010 is creating a mail-rule that deletes the mail-groups. After we did a outlook.exe /clearrules it seemed to work.

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