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Thread: list all user calendar entries

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    list all user calendar entries

    Hi there,

    i try to export all calendar entries from a user.
    I read a lot of the samples in this board and so I could wrote some code which pick up some things from the user calendar. The properties are taken from z-push's ics.php. But I always got only 3 properties: subject, body and somtehing else.
    Whats wrong?

    This is the result from one entry:
    Any held would by nice :-)

    Greetings Detlev.

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    Re: list all user calendar entries

    Hi Detlev,

    you also need to get property ids, e.g.

    Greets, Manfred
    Please do not PM me asking for support. Use the forum instead. Thank you.
    I usually check the mobility thread at the end of the day, so please have some patience if there's no immediate response. Asking to look at certain thread per PM won't result in a faster answer.

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    Re: list all user calendar entries

    Hello Manfred,

    thanks, that was the hint i'm searching for.
    Now it works.

    Bye Detlev

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