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Thread: PHP-MAPI files

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    PHP-MAPI files

    I've been searching the site for quite some time, according to the developer's page the open source download includes the php-mapi source, which is of interest to me, but I am unable to find it. I am being given installer files (with a lot of errors by the way, tried running it on a development box to see if you only got at the source once it was installed), but there was no php-mapi files there either. (Was using the debian 5 - i386 installer)


    Manually extracted all deb files and copied each structure manually. This seems to have worked, but it's still complaining about an error which I've searched for on here to be related to is in the right location, my conf.d folder has the zarafa config file which adds the extension and I'm not running from the CLI.

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    Re: PHP-MAPI files

    You'll find source files here,

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