Hello Everyone,

right now, i'm in the midst of developing a "webaccess for touch devices". As the development gets more and more complex, I am asking for your best-practices for PHP-MAPI development.

Here are a few Issues I am facing:
* my Windows Development Environment with Netbeans :-)
* lacking PHP-MAPI Extension on Windows ( is it possible ?)
* the lack of stub functions for PHP-MAPI ( no autocomplete :-/ )

What are your recommendations for these?

Another question:
If i would get my self a virtualmachine, would i be able to connect to the remote Zarafa-Server through mapi_logon()?

Thanks for your suggestions!

// Edit:
I found answers to some of my own questions, as following:
* Replaced Windows by Linux for development. Feels much better. Allways wanted to do this, but was never forced. Installed Apache2 and PHP via FastCGI (to isolate the installation and for the purpose of easy accessing the DocumentRoot
* I sticked to NetBeans :-)
* still searching for function stubs.. And btw, I think there were changes from 6.3 to 6.4.. why are they not reflected in the php-mapi manual?
* as our global dev environment includes one remote Server, I installed Zarafa locally, disabled most of the unneeded services and connect to the remote server via mapi_logon

Hope, this helps.