Dear Zarafa people,

About: ZCP-6.40.4-24121, published as 6.40.4 final on 03-12-2010 16:52

After we have discovered an "endless loop" that can occur when syncing
mobile devices with the Zarafa Server through Z-Push (ActiveSync), we
decided to pull the release from our servers.

The issue affects users of Z-Push (ActiveSync), and seems to occur ONLY
with installations of ZCP in certain configurations that have been upgraded (that is why we missed it
in our QA trial). Nevertheless we wish to ensure this issue is contained.

We are on top of fixing this issue, and expect to release version of 6.40.4
with this peculiar issue fixed asap.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you, and thanks for
bearing with us.

Remon van Gijn
Zarafa QA