Dear Zarafa users,

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability the ZCP 6.30.18-beta1 (build 23963 ).

You can Download ZCP 6.30.18 beta1 here:

Documentation can be found here:

Your feedback is very much appreciated.

Zarafa Quality assurance.

Changelog ZCP 6.30.18 beta 1

Fix: Unable to open entire shared store outlook 2010.
Fix: Segfault zarafa-server 6.40.4 (rare occasion on restore deleted items.)
Fix; Support for Outlook 2010 in 6.30.
Fix: New mail counter not shown when folding group.
Fix: Attachments do not show in webaccess and Outlook.
Fix: Outlook crashes when resolving of user fails when username is ambiguous not-exact match.
Fix: BES5 will not successfully resolve name when there are username who look the same.
Fix: Upgrading from 6.20.x to 6.30.17 fails (offline db).

Fix: SQL error: Out of range value adjusted for column 'val_hi' in table properties.
Fix; Sever thinks that there is a commercial license.
Fix: spooler can deadlock
Fix: Can delete the task folder via Ical.
Fix: Can edit private appointments on the iphone/ipad.
Fix: DAgent fallback delivery on mail "parsing failed: 0x00040380".
Fix: Attachment not displayed in certain cases.
Fix: Zarafa-server 6.40.2 final segfault.(rare occasion)
Fix: Zarafa-admin tool allows linebreaks characters in names and email addresses.
Fix: Sarafa-backup 6.30.15 segfault public store.
Fix: Small memleak in the zarafa server.
Fix: spooler loops with 100% cpu when SMTP server is missing.
Fix: Error in thunderbird after moving e-mail.
Fix: Zarafa-server segfault when using recover deleted items.
Fix: Memleak in restriction code.
Fix: Win32 documentation in linux man page.

Fix: Message with read receipt keeps asking to send a response
Fix: Free busy of first appointment is shown when opening series of recurrence.
Fix: Very fast dragging & dropping in calendar can result in duplicated or empty appointment.
Fix: Resize appointment by dragging will go use a wrong start/end time.
Fix: Appointment marked as unread in your calendar, will be not be marked as read after opening them.
Fix: Cannot create a 0 minute appointment.
Fix: Move mail without destination folder selected will make mail disappear.
Fix: Semicolon missing after updating a meeting request.
Fix: View all proposals does not work as delegate.
Fix: Reply on a email with email attached will include the attached mail.
Fix: Birthday appointment has wrong syntax format in some languages.
Fix: Private calendar item not respected in list-view in WebAccess.
Fix: Changing appointment length deletes appointment.
Fix: Config option in WebAccess(config.php/defaults.php) to disable html filter.
Fix: Set focus on subject when creating new calendar item in WA.
Fix: Focus on body when creating a new note.
Fix: Focus not on folder name when creating new folder.
Fix: New items not visible when inbox has focus.
Fix: Items can be moved to root folder.
Fix: Forwarding email on behalf of will not contain attachment if (auto) saved as draft before sending.
Fix: calendar item not visible selected after switching calendar views.
Fix: Convert Email to task breaks on umlauts in subject and owner name.
Fix: Webaccess adds escaping character opening email address with full name between quotes.
Fix: Contact birthday: You must specify a valid date(after 1990).