As of 7 December the Zarafa staff role "Release & QA management" by Cies Breijs will be handed over to myself (Rémon van Gijn).

Cies has decided to pursue a personal goal, to startup his own development company in the near future. He has contributed significantly the past year to Zarafa's successes and technical structures. We look forward to keep working with Cies on incident basis, and I thank him for all his contributions to our team.

With my own start at Zarafa I hope to bring (even) more structure to the QA department and to rekindle the contact with Beta testers via this forum and personal contacts. This will primarily be done together with Robin, whom you all know. My personal background is with development & release management combined with a big focus on operational IT engineering, which will be used to further improve internal Zarafa development systems and processes.

As a user and/or beta tester you should (in some time) see results in terms of more reliable release dates, communicated content and improved documentation. Actions will include renewed download sections and efforts to provide the community with self-service abilities to inform itself on issues and code changes.