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Thread: Patch to remove 'on behalf of' text

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    Patch to remove 'on behalf of' text

    This patch adds an 'always_send_as' option to the spooler.cfg config file.

    When you set it to yes, everyone can send mails with a different 'from' adress, without getting the famous 'on behalf of' text.

    Tested on Zarafa 6.40.3

    Edwin Eefting

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    Re: Patch to remove 'on behalf of' text

    Hello Edwin,

    Thanks for your contribution. There are some people here on the forum that would like to use this patch.

    Zarafa IRC chat: > #zarafa
    Zarafa documentation:
    Zarafa Community webpage:

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    Re: Patch to remove 'on behalf of' text

    thank you for your patch.

    I elaborated on it a bit. This patch also adds the option to the spooler config file and removes the "on behalf of" text in the webaccess.
    This patch is for 7.0.0.


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    Re: Patch to remove 'on behalf of' text

    Please, i don't how to use it ?


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    Re: Patch to remove 'on behalf of' text

    Hello Cartman,

    If you do not know how to apply a patch, I would advice against you trying to use it. But if you are adventures.
    To use the patch you have to:
    - Download the sourcecode
    - Apply the patch
    - Compile the source
    - Deploy custom application to the server


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    Hi All,

    I am using zarafa Community edition for some months now, and I always applied this patch to the source code before installing each new version.
    With zarafa 7.1.0 - which I tested two weeks ago - I was not able to compile because of some missing files for the new libkyotocabinet.

    Additionally my Ubuntu 12.04 server keeps complaining about different libical-versions since I installed the patched version 7.0.8.

    So please, is it possible to add the "always_send_as" option to the community edition?

    Should be not so much effort I guess, and the people who don't need it can just ignore this setting.

    Many thanks for this great piece of software anyway!


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