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Thread: Mail being sent several times

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    Re: Mail being sent several times

    Sorry to dig up this thread from a few months ago, unfortunately the problem is still occurring. The server in question is still running Zarafa 6.40.0 with clients using Outlook 2007, connecting directly via SSL on port 237. A few days ago, several messages got stuck in the Outbox and were sent repeatedly. I tried moving them from the Outbox in Sent Items manually, but this didn't solve the problem - even though the messages were no longer in the Outbox, Outlook still kept resending them. Rebooting the client machine fixed the problem, but it happened again with different messages shortly afterwards. It looks to be a client side issue rather than server side.

    The problem appears very similar to the one reported in , although that's marked as being fixed in a previous release, or the one at , but we are not using Outlook 2010.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated as we are at a loss to explain the cause and the users are getting very unhappy.

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    Re: Mail being sent several times

    is upgrading to a more recent version (6.40.7) out of question?
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    Re: Mail being sent several times

    It's not out of the question, but it would be rather disruptive and unless there's a high likelihood that this will fix it then it's not going to be a popular suggestion. I'm just looking at the changelog and saw this in 6.40.6:
    I read . Is this referring to the same problem? Messages getting stuck looks similar, but the trac report doesn't mention the re-send attempts.

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