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Thread: Porting Zarafa to QNAP

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    Re: Porting Zarafa to QNAP

    I try to get this running on a Buffalo WZR-HP-300NH. Its not a x86 CPU so it might not work, but i want to try. I installed optware on it, but in my repository are no gcc and the other packages. Does anyone have a repository i can get the neccessary packages from?

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    Re: Porting Zarafa to QNAP


    i've been trying to install Zarafa on my QNAP 239 Pro with the Tutorial from the Wiki for a few days now, and i'm stuck.
    When trying to compile Zarafa, i get the following error:
    I've been searching arround this error for a while, but couldn't find anything what helped me on.

    So if somebody could give me a hint, how to proceed, i would appreciate.

    Kind Regards

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