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Thread: z-push + zarafa + dovecot

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    z-push + zarafa + dovecot

    Hi everybody!

    I am not so happy with zarafas storage solution (mysql) for email, so i am using dovecot for email and zarafa for calendar etc. (Zentyal installation).
    now my question - is it possible to use z-push to push the emails of dovecot AND the calendar stuff of zarafa ?

    Thanks in advance

    P.S.: It would be really nice if zarafa would offer a alternative email storage e.g. a common imap server. IMHO its more straight forward.

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    Re: z-push + zarafa + dovecot

    Could you explain why youre not happy with mail storage in the mysql database?

    For further explanation: Using IMAP insteand of a MAPI Storage inside outlook doenst give you the ability to mark E-Mails for follow up in x days, you are not able to categorise email. I personally dont really see an advantage for IMAP in Outlook.
    Regards Felix

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    Re: z-push + zarafa + dovecot

    I am more familiar with imap servers than mysql, because the last years i used cyrus to store my mails and i think its easier to handle mails this way.
    And i have to say, the server is only for private use, no business. To access my mail i always using thunderbird - for me the functionality is adequate.

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