I have quite a weird problem;
I use Outlook 2007 and Zarafa 6.40.2

the scenario is as follows:

I set the email address of my account to in zarafa.
Then I retrieve te mail from with fetchmail.

when I use the zarafa-client to retrieve the mail from the zarafa server, the email address is gone in the "to" header. It is there when you ask outlook to show the message options, to show the header, but outlook will not resolve it.

So the "to" email header gives my name; "bram", but it cannot resolve the email addres "[email protected]"

This works all fine when using POP3 or IMAP through the zarafa-gateway. Also the webaccess interface shows the containing email address in the "to" header.

The moment I change the email address in zarafa to something else, everything works fine.

So if the email-address in the zarafa-account is not the same as the email-address used with fetchmail everything is ok.

It's easy to reproduce:

* use fetchmail to retrieve email from address
* set the email address in the zarafa account also to with zarafa-admin
* retrieve with zarafa-client through MAPI within outlook 2003 or 2007
* send an email to
* let fetchmail retrieve it
* notice the missing email address information in the "to" header (possibly the "from" header aswell, if you decided to use to send the message)

I hope someone has a solution for this problem.

Thanks in advance,

Bram Jansen