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Thread: Universal spamhook patch

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    Universal spamhook patch

    This spam hook patch is universal(Spam filter independant) and works for all Zarafa connectors(Webaccess,Zarafaclient,IMAP,POP3,etc)..

    When a message is moved, 'from' or 'to' the 'Junk Folder', a script will be inhaled(/etc/zarafa/userscripts/junklearn by default), so that the spamfilter can learn the mail as ham er spam.

    This script retrieves the 'moved message' and the mail status(ham or spam),then the script parses the message and mailstatus to the spamfilter.

    The included script is written for DSPAM and can be relatively easy modified for other spam filter software.

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    Re: Universal spamhook patch

    The latests versions of these patches can always be found here:


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    Re: Universal spamhook patch

    Update: The patch is not necessary anymore, please use zarafa-spamd:
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    Re: Universal spamhook patch

    is it possible to help me whit the junklearn script for spamassassin ?


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