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Thread: PAM authentication: local users can't log in

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    PAM authentication: local users can't log in


    zarafa: 6.40

    I have tried to use pam authentication; in /etc/pam.d copied sshd to zarafa and changed these lines in server.cfg:

    auth_method = pam
    pam_service = zarafa

    I can ssh to both local and LDAP-based (domain) users.

    However Zarafa doesn't accept local users name/password - reports name/password combination isn't valid

    zarafa-admin -l

    also doesn't list local users. What can I do to use local users in Zarafa as well as LDAP ones?

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    Re: PAM authentication: local users can't log in

    Looks like there is something else wrong in your setup.
    The zarafa-admin -l should always list users. Please check the server.log for errors and maybe increase the loglevel.

    I think this is also the reason why you can't do a pam authentication.

    It's not possible to use both local and LDAP users in Zarafa.
    You have to choose of these methods.


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    Re: PAM authentication: local users can't log in

    Perhaps I wasn't too clear. Authentication (in Zarafa) happens only for those users provided by LDAP backend (pam is instructed to check local accounts first and if it fails - to check against LDAP backend).

    It works fine with all the services like sshd, mta etc - with all but Zarafa. The latter *does* distinguish between local and LDAP users even if pam is used . Why?

    pam was designed to provide the unified authentication, to allow mixing the auth. sources seamlessly. What is the sense to use pam if its advantages are not used? It turns out that using ldap auth.plugin and pam method is the same?

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