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Thread: libvmime building problems

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    libvmime building problems


    I just experience some problems building libvmime with the patch set provided by the wiki.

    I am using archlinux and thus there are some build descriptions in the aur, but they seems to not build properly any more. So I tried to build them
    manual, starting with the building instructions found in the PKGBUILD and in the our wiki [1]. The build of libvmime + patchset ends up with:

    I research a little a think it might be a problem with the current gcc delivered in arch, which is 4.5.0 [2], I come to this conclusion
    because of the existing patches for 4.3 and 4.4. So for giving a complete view of the build process I append the console output of my

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    Re: libvmime building problems

    Well, first look at the actual compile error:
    since m_oldProcMask is a sigset_t, and that is missing, there is your problem.
    It used to be in signal.h, but I guess it's not on your system. Try to find and include it.
    If it isn't reproducable, it's not a bug.
    If it is reproducable, it's meant to be that way.

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    Re: libvmime building problems


    I have hit the same issue with gcc-4.5.2. Adding the line "#include <signal.h>" to the file "vmime/platforms/posix/posixChildProcess.hpp" resolved it for now.

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