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Thread: Script db-calc-storesize for remote host

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    Script db-calc-storesize for remote host

    I made a patch to
    because the current version only works if zarafa and mysql are on the same host, which we have not. Fairly trivial, but should be included by Zarafa:

    ------------------- Start DIFF
    < if(@ARGV != 3) {
    < print "Usage: $0 <mysqluser> <mysqlpass> <mysqldb>\n";
    > if(@ARGV != 4) {
    > print "Usage: $0 <mysqluser> <mysqlpass> <mysqldb> <mysqlhost>\n";
    > print "Soll nur für einen User das Quota berechnet werden, siehe Zeile 68 Kommentar\n";
    < my ($user,$pass,$dbname) = @ARGV;
    > my ($user,$pass,$dbname,$dbhost) = @ARGV;
    < my $db = DBI->connect("dbi:mysql:$dbname", $user, $pass);
    > my $db = DBI->connect("dbi:mysql:$dbname;host=$dbhost", $user, $pass);
    ------------ END DIFF

    Also, if you only need to check one single user, this is the way to do it:
    ---------- START DIFF
    > # ZMI 20100211: if only one user to correct, do it like this:
    > #$sth = $db->prepare("SELECT hierarchy_id, FROM stores JOIN users ON = stores.user_id where stores.user_id='username'");
    ------------ END DIFF
    I left this one commented out, but it also should be included so someone in need can uncomment and use it. Maybe an option to directly list the username on the commandline would be ideal?
    Michael Monnerie (aka zmi)
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    Important: Using stores.user_name to filter for a specific user might be not a great idea. As I had to figure out recently stores.user_name might not be updated when hooking a store and into another user (at least with the database backend). Thus the db-calc-storesize script would update always the wrong user/store.

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