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Thread: Query arbitrary contact Folder

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    Query arbitrary contact Folder

    I want to write a small command line tool to query contact Folders.
    "E.g. give me name starting with 'fl*' from Public Folders\Contacts"
    I started with the source of the zarafa-fsck tool. The steps I have
    done are

    - Open Session
    - Open Default Store / Open Public Store
    - Iterate over Hierarchy Table
    - Read Rows
    - Read Folder Names and if i found the folder with the given Name I read the content

    So it works but this i much code only to find a folder ...
    I have no experience with mapi and so i want to ask if there are some utility functions to query a
    specific folder with his name?
    Something like

    Second question - is there a docu about the c++ (zarafa) mapi API At this point
    all i do is trial and error - so its sometimes frustrating.

    Thanks for your help

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    Re: Query arbitrary contact Folder

    Have a look around in common/CommonUtil.h for useful functions we already wrote. I think you might like these two:
    Documentation on these functions has just started, but looking at the function, and grepping through the source for examples should give the idea on how to use them.

    MAPI is a microsoft API, so all documentation can be found on the MSDN webpages:
    If it isn't reproducable, it's not a bug.
    If it is reproducable, it's meant to be that way.

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