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Thread: Timestamp Webaccess output on *IX & Windows

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    1,070 Timestamp Webaccess output on *IX & Windows

    Hi Zarafa Users,

    for those that are using Zarafa in Linux and Windows environments and wonder why Appointments - i.e. starting before 1980 (maybe birthdays) - get displayed in Appointment Table Listview different between Linux and Windows WebAccess Clients please continue reading.

    The problem starts with that Windows only knows current DST Definition. It does not care about the past. This is different in *IX OS... There the Date Object gets its information including past definitions...

    To make the behaviour between the *IX and Windows equal please find attached a patch. This will take the current dst settings and applies it even for timestamps in the past so the behaviour between outlook, windows webaccess and webaccess in *IX is consistent. I must stress that I didn't test the patch in all situations BUT since the correction only occurs if dst difference at day in past and at day in current year of timestamp differ and the correction only occurs in WA at client site in Output (but WA works internal in server communication with unix timestamp) the patch should not harm other functions.

    In case you have any question don't hesitate to contact me.

    Best regards

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    Using Zarafa 7.2.5-29, Z-Push 2.3.4 with GZip and soon again SMS Support.

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