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Thread: zarafa-backup/zarafa-restore handling problems

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    zarafa-backup/zarafa-restore handling problems

    Hi all

    Problem A)
    currently we make once a day a zarafa-backup. Each time a new <user>.data.zbk.<nb> file is generated and the <user>.index.zbk file is updated.
    I had to restore now the inbox for a user and figured out that not only E-Mails in the inbox-folder were restored to the inbox-folder, but also all E-Mails which were once in the inbox (even if they were deleted since a long time).
    I made now some tests and the behaviour for me is:
    1. E-Mail "X" is in the inbox and I run a zarafa-backup.
    2. I delete the E-Mail "X" and it is now in the deleted folder. When I run now again zarafa-backup, then in the "<user>.index.zbk" file this message is listed twice, once still in the inbox folder and once in the deleted items folder (with the same record key)
    3. When I restore the mail "X", then the mail is restored to (and only to) the inbox-folder and not to the deleted items folder.
    (In fact in the "<user>.index.zbk" file the entry with the inbox-folder comes after the entry with the deleted items folder.)

    I did another test were I moved a E-Mail "Y" from the inbox folder to a subfolder. Again the E-Mail was listed then twice in the "<user>.index.zbk" file with the same record-key. This time a zarafa-restore restored the file only to the subfolder and again in <user>.index.zbk file the entry with the subfolder comes after the entry with the inbox folder.
    So it seems that zarafa-restore is restoring the E-mail always to the folder, which entry comes as latest in the "<user>.index.zbk".

    In this way the behaviour of the zarafa-restore is for me random and not useable.
    Does someone else figured out the same problem? Do you have a solution for this?
    Is it possible to make an incremental backup but writing a totally new "<user>.index.zbk" file, reflecting the current state of the usermailbox (so I could create ever day a new index file and then just restore the state of the mailbox for day X)?

    Problem B)
    Is there a way that zarfa-restore is ignoring an item if the item is already in the store (currently it is duplicated)? I had the use case where a user "lost" some mails in a folder, but he didn't now which one. So it would like to restore the whole folder, but all items which are still in the folder should be ignored and not duplicated. Any idea for this problem?

    Thanks in advance for any help!


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    Re: zarafa-backup/zarafa-restore handling problems


    Nice description, very detailed. I do not know whether an answer is preferred.

    Problem A:
    Can be scripted,
    Just delete the old one and run the zarafa-backup.
    Swap between 2 folders (to avoid the moment of having no backup):
    So delete afterwards

    Next day:

    Call the scripts in crontab (on Linux). If you run Windows: format and start running Linux.

    Problem B:
    Why should somebody request the forgotten ones?
    A phone call to the sender or retriever is maybe cheaper.
    But anyway, allow me to provide an possible solution.
    So you want to merge them.

    First restore the box on a different server in a new outlook profile.
    export it like pst.
    Import this new pst with Outlook on the original user account AND choose "no duplicates".

    just restore the whole box when you make a daily backup.
    Most users know what they did today and it is more likely that the sender or retriever still has you message of today.

    Full backups also include the general accepted loss of one day, (in case you have no failover).


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