Today we released Zarafa 6.20.10.

Amongst others, Zarafa 6.20.10 fixes a problem seen in some ADS configurations in which an update is detected too often from the AD server, resulting in increased load for both Zarafa and the ADS server.

Also, some fixes have been introduced for 32-bit systems for users using dates in the far future which were wrapping back to 1970.

With more people starting to install newer versions of Outlook, Webaccess now also contains a fix to hide new 'special', and normally hidden in Outlook, folders from Outlook 2007 SP2.

NOTE: libvmime has a new revision in this release. Please update libvmime too.

Note: Since 6.20.10 the binaries for SLES 10 are only valid on SP2 upgraded systems. To correctly install these versions of Zarafa on SLES 10, make sure you upgrade your installation to SP2 with the latest patches.
This is because Novell decided to add an update of PHP in SP2 which changes the major version (from 5.1 to 5.2). PHP has strict checking for modules and the correct ABI version. The Zarafa PHP extension must be compiled for the correct major PHP version to be loaded by PHP.

The full changelog is available here:

The upgrade manual (of 6.20 final) describes most of the features and provides upgrade information for administrators. The manual can be found here:

You can download this (previous) version from the Zarafa site or via the Zarafa Partner Portal.

I look forward to your feedback.


On the 6th of October Zarafa will have an Online Technical Training in Delft from 13:00h - 17:30h (GMT+2). More info on: .