Today we released the final version of Zarafa 6.30.2.

The most important change in 6.30.2 is that some users reported that the inbox could accidentally be deleted via the webaccess. This has been addressed in 6.30.2.
Also, some timing issues with the auto-update service made updating on some systems (notably mostly Vista systems) unreliable. In this version the updater server has been modified so this problem cannot occur.

The upgrade procedure from pre-6.30 version has also been improved, providing a huge speed increase (for the upgrade) for offline data on win32 clients.

On the server side, we have resolved some issues that caused a lot of extra LDAP traffic mostly in Active Directory-based setups.

The full changelog is available here:

Note: libvmime has a new revision in this beta release. Please update libvmime too.

Note: Since 6.30.2 the binaries for SLES 10 are only valid on SP2 upgraded systems. To correctly install these versions of Zarafa on SLES 10, make sure you upgrade your installation to SP2 with the latest patches.
This is because Novell decided to add an update of PHP in SP2 which changes the major version (from 5.1 to 5.2). PHP has strict checking for modules and the correct ABI version. The Zarafa PHP extension must be compiled for the correct major PHP version to be loaded by PHP.

You can download this version from the Zarafa site or via the Zarafa Partner Portal.


Imar van Erven Dorens

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