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Thread: create a user acount in phpldapadmin

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    create a user acount in phpldapadmin


    I have problems to create a user acount in phpldapadmin.

    I have created the following tree:


    ou=company has under object-class an entry zarafa-company

    but zarafa-admin --sync gives me the following output:

    No companies found.
    Users and groups synchronized.

    Why is there no companie shown? Ang what have I to do for this?

    When I try to create under ou=user a user acount. I get the page: New User Account (step 1 of 1)
    But when I have made my entry and try to enter, nothing happends.

    What cold I do?

    Greetings NIxdorf

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    Re: create a user acount in phpldapadmin

    Hi nixdorf,

    I've been fighting today with the ldap part and here is how I got it sort of working. Would be nice if there was a more detailed document how to set this up, especially the adding users/groups/companies part in (open)ldap...

    Get Fabian's templates from
    Direct download link:
    Make sure you follow Fabian's modifications to /etc/zarafa/ldap.cfg

    Now unpack the templates and fix some things:
    - add the closing </template> at the end in creation/zarafaCompany.xml
    - remove "-->" on line 4 in creation/zarafaCompany.xml
    - add the closing </template> at the end in modification/zarafaCompany.xml
    - remove "-->" on line 4 in modification/zarafaCompany.xml

    Next copy creation/zarafaAccount.xml and creation/zarafaCompany.xml to the main phpldapadmin templates/ directory. And copy modification/zarafa* to templates/modification/. Next purge caches in phpldapadmin.

    Here are copies of my configuration files (for openldap and zarafa 6.30.1):



    If all went well then you should now be able to create a Zarafa Company and a Zarafa user in phpldapadmin. You can check if Zarafa can communicate ok with openldap with the command:

    Here is the output I get:

    Question: I keep reading about groups in the Zarafa LDAP docs but I don't understand how to create one. In phpldapadmin I only see "Zarafa Company" and "Zarafa User" and in the "Custom" page I can select "zarafa-group" (which is greyed-out) but I get an error when I press "Create object". How can I create a "Zarafa Group" and where should I place it? Below "Zarafa Company" or somewhere else?

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    Re: create a user acount in phpldapadmin

    Hi patrick,

    Your ldap.cfg shows "ldap_group_search_filter = (objectClass=posixGroup)", try to use the objectclass posixgroup to a create group.

    to add users in a group, check the option "ldap_groupmembers_relation_attribute"

    my last hit for you is use "memberUid" instead of member for the option " ldap_groupmembers_attribute ", openldap/phphldap use by default memeberUid.

    Hope this will help you out

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