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Thread: database er diagram

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    database er diagram


    is it possible to get an database er diagram?

    i have a large amount (> 10.000) of duplicated emails and would like to write a short script that moves duplicated emails into a seperate folder so i can then delete those messages.

    Raoul Bhatia

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    Re: database er diagram

    Hi Raoul,

    I guess for this you don't need a DB Diagram... For this you need either PHP-Mapi or Outlook Client.

    In Outlook Client you could group the eMails regarding them Date/Time and delete/move all except one.

    In PHP-Mapi you could query these attributes and delete/move all except one.

    PHP Mapi Documentation is available . The Properties you need to query are the same as in Outlook. To find them I suggest you to use Outlook Spy in any Outlook 2000-2007 Client or google for them or find them in msdn.

    Best regards

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    Re: database er diagram

    the thing is. i am no mapi guy and do not want to become one

    is there any such tool available? i tried several of the outlook duplicate email removers but they do not work as intended.
    perhaps, because some of the messages are not emails but something else that got put into a public folder on an exchange 2000 server.

    Raoul Bhatia

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    Re: database er diagram

    Can you please tell me,this ER-diagram?
    I mean some start and finish block.

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