Yesterday we released the final version of Zarafa 6.30.0.
This version has new features, including:




The full changelog is available here:

The upgrade manual describes most of the features and provides upgrade information for administrators can be found here:

Note: If you are using ADS as user plugin, the default in 'ldap_user_unique_attribute' changed in version 6.30.0 from objectSid to objectGuid! If you are upgrading from an older version to 6.30 or later, make sure this option is set to 'objectSid'. Otherwise all stores will be deleted and recreated. Normally this should be an issue, because the Zarafa ldap config file will not be overwritten.

Note: If upgrading from a non-6.30 version, it can take some time until the server upgrade is finished due to a new single instance table. Don't be worried if your server is busy for some time.

Note: If upgrading from a non-6.30 version, and using cached mode, starting Outlook can take quite some time because the offline database will be adding the previous mentioned single instance table too. This only happens once. Please let the process finish.

You can download this version from the Zarafa site or via the Zarafa Partner Portal.


Imar van Erven Dorens

On the 17th of september Zarafa will have an Advanced Zarafa training in Delft from 09:00h - 17:30h (GMT+1). More info on: .