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Thread: Zarafa - Samba - LDAP Migration

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    Zarafa - Samba - LDAP Migration

    Hi there,

    I have a Problem with to migrate a Zarafa LDAP with an Samba LDAP.

    Currently I have two LDAP Domains, one for Zarafa, one for Samba.
    2nd Problem is, each Domain has different usernames per user.

    Has anybody a Howto, which describes every Step, I have to do?

    I would start in the following way:

    1. Stop Zarafa
    2. Backup all mailboxes
    n-2. Change the LDAP Configuration of Zarafa
    n-1. Restart zararafa
    n. Restore the Mailboxes

    I'm looking forward for the answers.

    Greetings and Thanks in advance from Southern Germany


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    Re: Zarafa - Samba - LDAP Migration

    Hi Wido,

    although I never did the important point for my understanding in Zarafa is the external user id that you can find in zarafa.users mysql db table. If you by chance have the possibility to map the new SAMBA external ID with the old Zarafa external ID, you should be very quick in writing a script that just exchanges the id in this table. I hope this is possible in your scenario because it could save you a lot of time that you need to restore the mailboxes....

    Never the less a good backup is a good start in case something goes wrong in your consolidation trip of 2 LDAP Servers...

    Hope this helps.

    Best regards

    Using Zarafa 7.2.5-29, Z-Push 2.3.4 with GZip and soon again SMS Support.

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