Today we released Zarafa 6.20.2 [13651].

This new version has small improvements and fixes:
Fix: focus on tasks for quick edit not working correctly
Fix: Sorting tasks on categories will duplicate the task to the number of categories
Fix: accept mail stays in outbox of delegate
Fix: Admin can not open shared store from user with high characters in username
Fix: minimizing the email header leaves email headers minimized
Fix: bounce mail when declining meeting request.
Fix: Edit task, which was created in Outlook, by webaccess shows "please enter correct date" when saving (only US language)
Fix: adding attachment with large name will result in broken attachment button
Fix: clicking on listview will make the contact(s) disappear
Fix: quickitem bar has wrong background color in themes other than default
Fix: DnD extension: Not defining DND_FILEUPLOAD_URL in config.php causes error in debug files
Fix: invalid high-characters in quick task bar
Fix: Selecting action for rule; need to select the radiobutton again.
Fix: reply/reply to all will pop-under in IE

Fix: When syncing outlook window is flickering
Fix: DeleteAttach() not functional on Msg-in-msg attachments

Fix: unable to set quota's
Fix: zarafa-dagent.cfg doesn't have a manpage
Fix: ADS schema update failure
Fix: quote (') in username will cause problems with zarafa-admin
Fix: Exit spooler less fast, if big message queue.
Fix: possible server halt when categories were used.

The upgrade manual (of 6.20 final) describes most of the features and provides upgrade information for administrators. The manual can be found

You can download this version from the Zarafa site or via the Zarafa Partner Portal.


Imar van Erven Dorens

On the 12th of March Zarafa will have an online technical training from 09:00h - 13:30h (GMT+1). More info on We will be present at the Cebit too. You are always welcome to discuss new opportunities at our booth.
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