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Thread: z-push reliability ?

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    z-push reliability ?


    I'm looking into using z-push on a VPS server with a few tens of users. All seems OK, but received some info of other user that used Z-push in the past but had problems with Z-push not working in a concurrent user setup.

    Can anyone has some info on this. Are there any issues, or were there issues in the past that were resolved etc ? Has anyone have tens or hundreds of concurrent users running in Z-push ? If so: what is the required hardware and software ?

    Thanks !

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    Z-Push is in active development and had has several issues (and fixes) over the last years. Z-Push performance was e.g. greatly improved with Z-Push 2.3.

    There are installations with many thousands of users. But yes, in these cases you will need better hardware or e.g. clustered Z-Push with several frontend and backend servers. How much depends mainly on your user profiles (how many mobiles per users, how big mailboxes, how many changes/emails per day etc).

    For a better analysis you should get in touch with the Kopano support and/or the pre-sales team.


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