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Thread: Sync only when update something on mobile device or in webapp

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    Sync only when update something on mobile device or in webapp


    I have a new Smartphone and tried to sync all contacts or the calendar.
    Everything seems good, but no contact or calendar entry is opied to the Smartphone.
    When i modify just one contact in the webapp it is copied to the Smartphone, vice versa.

    When I use z-push-admin to resync this device it looks good and Shows the Progress of Synchronisation, but nothing happens on the smartphone.
    So whats wrong?

    I have Zarafa 7.2.3-657 and z-push 2.3.6 running on Debian 8.
    Smartphone is Samsung 6 and 8 (same behavior)

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    I made an upgrade to last available version of Zarafa 7.2.6-10, and now it's working.
    Thank you for reading.

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    This sounds a bit like a setting on your phone. Perhaps you did deselect the contact & calendar folders for visualization.

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