Hi forum,

today I discovered an issue with encrypting emails.

S/MIME encrypted messages I send with WebApp can't be re-opened in the SENT FOLDER of WebApp. The error message reads: "Unable to decrypt this message. Certificate does not match."

The problem is only sender-side (only with me and in WebApp), the recipients are able to decrypt the messages without problems.

My S/MIME certificate is correctly installed, in S/MIME settings of WebApp I can see my private and public keys. I have NO problem to decrypt messages that have been encrypted by anyone else and sent TO ME.

In Outlook, by the way, with Mapi connection everything works fine, I can read all my S/MIME emails in the sent folder of Outlook. Of course only those sent by Outlook. Synchronized messages sent by WebApp can't be decryted in Outlook either.

Any idea how to fix?


Debian 8
Kopano WebApp:
Zarafa Core: 7.2.5-109
S/MIME Plugin: