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Thread: Sort adressbook lastname first

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    Sort adressbook lastname first

    In WebApp and DeskApp when writing an E-Mail I can open the adressbook.
    The contacts are sorted by firstname lastname in the "file as" column, which makes it difficult to find contacts. I cannot find a possibility to sort by lastname, firstname as like the "file as" column in the contacts. Did I miss something?


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    Hi Klausff,

    You can click on a column header to sort, but please checkout this change:


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    yes, I can sort by ascending and descending, but not by lastname, firstname. The column "File As" in the Contacts application works correct: "File As" is shown as Lastname, Firstname.
    But in the email addressbook the column "File As" is show as "Firstname Lastname" and cannot be sorted other ways

    Maybe a bug?

    You can reproduce this at:
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    Hi Klausff,

    I've created ticket
    which I came across. Is this what you meant?


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    Hi Martyn,

    thanks for creating the bug report. That is what I ment. But there is one difference to the behavior in my installation and In the report you have added a comment, that you see the name as lastname, firstname in the "Name" column. This is not the case in my installation. Here I have:

    Display Name: firstname lastname
    File As: lastname, firstname

    Name: firstname lastname
    Display Name: firstname lastname
    File As: firstname lastname

    In the installation of
    Name: <column does not exist>
    Display Name: lastname, firstname
    File As: firstname lastname

    So there are two differences. A bug in the "File As" column in both installations. Additional in my installation a bug in the "Display Name" column. Additional I have a "Name" column in the adressbook which does not exist in the webapp.

    My installation has been migrated from zarafa. Database was exported with the latest zafafa-backup and imported with kopano-backup.

    Can you please help me to get the "Display Name" in the adressbook get shown by lastname, firstname?


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    Hi Klaus,

    Demo.kopano is still running 3.2.0, so that's the reason that the "Name" column is not visible.
    This column is not linked to 'file as' or the 'display name'. Basically it pairs the lastname and firstname, but also has some logic if one of those does not exist (I think it takes the display name). For local contacts there seems to be a bug, and I made a ticket here:

    Display name is always changed based on the file as.
    So, file as: "Firstname, lastname" -> Displayname: "Firstname, lastname"

    That behavior is also visible on demo.kopano, for me at least. Perhaps you can write down the exact steps.


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    Hi Martyn,

    you found a new bug in the "Display Name" field I can confirm. When I create a new contact as you did and open the addressbook, then the Display name is "lastname, firstname (emailaddress)"
    But I have the problem with my existing contacts. There the display names are shown as "firstname lastname". So the "file as" column was my solution in ths case. At least with zarafa-webaccess the sorting was correct. But for this you filed already the bug

    Do you have an idea how I can get the "Display Name" entries of my existing contacts to be shown as "lastname, firstname" instead of "firstname lastname"


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    If the users are in the GAB you can change the value of the common name property, if I'm not mistaken.

    But for local users this it should be like this:
    Hopefully that works, otherwise I would advise you to contact our support.


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    when I use the GAB and show the "file as" column then I got only the loginname - another bug.

    But for the local contacts I have the error, that "file as" in contacts is not the same "file as" in the addressbook. But as I understand it right, this is the bug report Right?

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    Hi Klausff,

    Probably a configuration mistake like I mentioned. Please double check the "Common Name" property.



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