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Thread: Zarafa End of Life -> Kopano

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    Exclamation Zarafa End of Life -> Kopano

    Dear Zarafa community members,

    With the 30th of April the end of commercial distribution & updates of ZCP has come. Although most of our community members and ecosystem partners have already moved on to Kopano, a snapshot of the latest source code and the latest open source builds are still available here. Please be aware that these packages won’t be maintained in the future and don’t contain any closed source / commercial components of the old Zarafa editions.

    All customers with a valid subscription have access to email & collaboration software by Kopano; for any software or customer information you can contact info at zarafa dot com.
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    I have been a Zarafa HOME user. With the 30th of April the end of seems to have come as well :-(

    Any change to get the latest avaibable Zarafa Home version for Debian 8 64bit?

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    The Zarafa packages are not available anymore, but you can migrate to the community edition of Kopano if you want to use new features! Debian 8 packages are available there as well.

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