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Thread: Zarafa End of Life -> Kopano

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    Exclamation Zarafa End of Life -> Kopano

    Dear Zarafa community members,

    With the 30th of April the end of commercial distribution & updates of ZCP has come. Although most of our community members and ecosystem partners have already moved on to Kopano, a snapshot of the latest source code and the latest open source builds are still available . Please be aware that these packages won’t be maintained in the future and don’t contain any closed source / commercial components of the old Zarafa editions.

    All customers with a valid subscription have access to email & collaboration software by Kopano; for any software or customer information you can contact info at zarafa dot com.
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    I have been a Zarafa HOME user. With the 30th of April the end of seems to have come as well :-(

    Any change to get the latest avaibable Zarafa Home version for Debian 8 64bit?

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    The Zarafa packages are not available anymore, but you can migrate to the community edition of Kopano if you want to use new features! Debian 8 packages are available there as well.

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