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Thread: IPv6 support in Request::GetRemoteAddr()

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    IPv6 support in Request::GetRemoteAddr()

    Hi there,

    I'm working on z-push 2.6.3-beta1

    I've seen garbled log messages for clients using IPv6, it seems as if a-f and : have been stripped.. leaving just the numbers of the IP address.

    $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] is being filtered through Request::filterEvilInput with NUMBERSDOT_ONLY

    This function doesn't strictly speaking validate an IPv4 address and due the way is strips a-f and :, it will mangle IPv6 addresses.

    I propose this diff which replaces the call to filterEvilInput with a call to a new function filterIP

    This function uses PHPs inet_ntop and inet_pton which use syscalls to validate IP addresses (both v4 and v6). These calls can be trusted over potentially flawed regex.

    In the case that the input to this function is a bad IP address (or something that is not understood) then it reverts to the previous behaviour of calling filterEvilInput with the extended prefix "badip-" attached to the result.
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    I created a ticket for this:

    Would you be willing to contribute this code directly via git?
    Please see instructions here:


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    Sure thing, that'll be great.

    I get to work this evening

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