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Thread: File attachment compression not always working.

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    File attachment compression not always working.

    Hi all.

    Last year I upgraded a client to ZCP 7.2 from 7.1.

    Both versions were configured to use external file storage for attachments, and to compress those attachments.

    Previously (7.1) all attachments were compressed, this had the added advantage of rw-r--r permissions, which was useful for our backup procedure.

    Now (7.2) only some files are compressed, and those that aren't compressed have rw-----. I altered the compression level from 6 to 9 in order to see if it would force all attachments to be compressed, but it appears to have made no difference.

    Is anyone able to shed some light on this behaviour please?


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    Hello Luke,

    I did not search for the ticket, but one of the 7.2 releases included the change to not compress already compressed files.

    Regarding the rw vs. rw-r--r--: Why arent you running your backup with root privileges?
    Regards Felix

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    Thanks Felix, appreciate the followup - it's a shame there appears to be no option to resurrect previous behaviour.

    The backups are run by an external user via a samba share, this has been the default operation for these and others I have running since ZCP 6.something (and has worked well). Unfortunately this change messes that up somewhat. I suppose I could set umask or find another way around it but it's not optimal.

    Regards, Luke.

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