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Thread: Incompetent forum administrators

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    Incompetent forum administrators

    Strange that there's nothing in the Announcements forums about the forum administrators' reckless disregard for users' security. I presume we've all received emails saying "The system was put into maintenance mode after we discovered the installation has been targeted with a SQL injection attack where the attacker potentially retrieved email addresses, usernames and passwords. The vBulletin software was updated to the latest version (which is not vulnerable) and we have forced all users to change their passwords".

    In other words you're storing our passwords unencrypted. Thanks for that. And you were too lazy or incompetent to install the latest vBulletin software which would have prevented the vulnerability.

    If those two things alone don't show how unfit you are to be operating this forum, the fact that you fail to understand the seriousness of a breach should. The email was signed off with a chirpy "Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience!" - including the exclamation mark. You may as well have included a winking smiley and a few words about what a jolly wheeze this whole security caper is.

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    No, thats not true. Vbulleting by default stores only a salted hash of your password. This may he not been super clear in the email being sent out.
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