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Thread: Zarafa on Synology DSM 5.2 with E-Mail Server SMTP Connection Timeout

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    Zarafa on Synology DSM 5.2 with E-Mail Server SMTP Connection Timeout

    Hello Zarafa experts,

    I know, I'm not 100% right in this forum, but I also wrote my problem in a Synology Forum without any results. I hosted Zarafa on my Synology Diskstation with DSM 5.2. Everything worked fine since a few days. I use fetchmail to get my Mail from 1und1 (german provider) an I use the E-Mail Server Plugin of Synology to send Mails to the 1und1 SMTP server. Since a few days outgoing mails produce a connection timeout.
    All othe groupware function are working fine. Calender, notes, contacts also with the zarafa webinterface, Outlook 2010 and activesync on my cell phone. except sending mails. I tested a normal IMAP mail account to the provider. This is working.
    So, if anybody have experience in Zarafa on Synology, please help me. It can not be a great problem but I#m at the end of my ideas.

    Kind Daydreamer

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    Sorry, I thing i posted my problem in the wrong section. Can you please move it to "Zarafa on community platforms". Thanks
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