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Thread: Kopano + Zarafa Outlook Client => suddenly reminders for shared calendars

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    Kopano + Zarafa Outlook Client => suddenly reminders for shared calendars

    I've been doing tests with Kopano to evaluate if there is a way to keep using Zarafa (now Kopano) even after the support for the Outlook client has ended.

    Doing so I've noticed that when using Kopano 8.1 / 8.2 with the Zarafa Windows Outlook Client (7.2.4-52167), suddenly in Outlook 2010 calendar reminders (notifications) pop up for shared calendars (such as calendars in the public folder).

    I'm 100% sure that this was not the normal behavior in Zarafa 7.1 and I'm reasonably sure this also was not the behavior with Zarafa 7.2.
    Is this a deliberate change? Can this be turned off somehow? It's kind of annoying.

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    For us this would be great in comparance to the current situation. If this is something Zarafa can influence then a switch for it would be nice...

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    I've looked everywhere and found no way to influence this.

    Reminders created in the shared calendar which I have opened using the function to open other users stores appear on all computers which have this store opened and can then be dismissed by everyone. This was different a few versions ago... Would be nice if this is configurable...

    Also happens if the user only has read permissions instead of full permissions to the shared calendar.

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