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Thread: WebApp not setting last_modified attribute correctly

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    WebApp not setting last_modified attribute correctly

    Hello everybody,

    just figured out, that WebApp seems not to update the last_modified field of an item correctly when adding a new attachment to an already existing appointment or contact item.

    Unlike if you delete an attachment the last_modified field is updated correctly. For tasks WebApp seems to work correctly in both cases as expected.

    ZCP: 7.2.4-29

    This seems to be a bug.

    As e.g. backup or device sync jobs may heavily rely on the correct update of the last_modified field this might be quite important.

    How to reproduce this behavior:
    Unfortunately (as far as i know) there is yet no way to show the last_modified field in WebApp itself (would be very useful if this column would be selectable in all list views in future).
    So the only chance to see it is in the database. Easiest is to use the python api with this little test script:

    Step by step:

    - Adjust the username and server_socket in the py script according to your environment
    - Create a folder "testfolder" in the root of the testuser store
    - Create a calendar subfolder in "testfolder" and add an appointment item
    - Create a contact subfolder in "testfolder" and add a contact item
    - Run the script
    - Add an attachment to the just created contact and appointment
    - Run the script
    - Compare the last_modified datetime (no change)
    - Delete the attachments again
    - Compare the last_modified datetime (changed correctly)

    Would be nice if someone could confirm that this behavior is not just in my environment and if positive could file an issue



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    Hi Thilo,

    Bug is verified. Ticket is created here:


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