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Thread: Make DeskApp offer to open certain attachments-types with a choosen program.

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    Make DeskApp offer to open certain attachments-types with a choosen program.

    I have kopano-webapp-plugin-filepreviewer installed, and it opens attachments just fine, but only pdf, odt/odp/ods, png, jpg. If the attachment is a txt-file, doc/xls/ppt-file, html-file, then DeskApp only offers you to download the file. Would it be possible to have DeskApp give you the opportunity to specify a program to open these files with? Like you have with most browsers. That way my users don't have to download the attachment, and then open a program, then locate the downloaded file, every time they get an attachment not supported by kopano-webapp-plugin-filepreviewer.


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    I agree this would be a significant improvement.

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    Hi Klausada, Hey Costsyork,

    With the latest DeskApp release after downloading the file will be opened automatically with your OS default filehandler. This is something you can specify yourself in your OS settings.
    We're planning to make this more customizable: (subtickets)

    Btw, check out:


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    Thanks Martyn. I only thought afterward that using kopano-forums would probably have been better. You are right, there is no problem with deskapp and automatically opening of attachments. It was just me echoing what a customer had just told me, without doing a better investigation myself. How deskapp handles attachments is just fine. When you get an attachment, it will automatically open if, after you have pressed "save file", which is kind of a neat feature, since this gives you the opportunity to choose where to save it, before you go ahead and open it for editing (having all your files in Downloads isn't always such a good idea, since that folder most times are not backup up). My "problem" here was that I thought you had to manually open the file later after downloading it (you know, open a program, find the downloaded-file, open it, and so on ...)

    ;Smacks myself for believing a customer

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