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Thread: Kopano 8.1 - Outlook 2016 online search via Active Sync

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    Hi Ludwig,

    the problem is that 0 as a value for NativeBodyType is not defined in the ActiveSync documentation. I've found out by trial and error that changing it from 0 to the best match fixes the appointments. I never saw any email having 0 as NativeBodyType (but I also don't use MS Exchange).

    I've created a ticket to fix this for all objects: .

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    Hi Manfred,

    thank you for creating the ticket.

    I guess, as usual Microsoft does not follow the documentation and implemented ActiveSync in Outlook differently since no other device/program I tried to sync had any problem with the nativebodytype = 0.

    However, I checked the specification here
    Valid nativebodytypes are 1-3. 0 seems not to be specified neither is 4 which you set for MIME. In this case I can understand that Outlook breaks the sync process.

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    Normally Z-Push should already filter objects of the wrong type of the Deleted Items folder.
    I didn't see the second page of the thread before answering.

    Anyhow, I expect ticket ZP-1158 still merged & built to the pre-final repository later today (2.3.5beta0+1xx).


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    Ticket ZP-1158 is fixed and available in the pre-final repository (version 2.3.5beta0+121). Installation instructions can be found here:

    Could you test if you still have this issue with Outlook using that version?


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    Thats a nice find. I created a knowledge base article out of it:
    Regards Felix

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    @ Sebastian
    2.3.5beta0+121 fixes my issue; I checked the mapiprovider.php and I solved it before the same way you now did by dublicating the solution used for the appointments to the mail object part.

    @ Felix
    It was new to me as well. Great that you added it to the knowledge base.

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